At Deefer Diving we're proud to have introduced recreational CCR diving to the island. Through IANTD and KISS we have a number of Spirit class rebreathers (in Hollis Explorer shells) which we're using on the reef and wreck sites around the island.



Experience rebreather diving - no noise, no bubbles and longer bottom times! Train with an experienced CCR IANTD accredited instructor. All our training has a maximum ratio of 2 students to 1 instructor to ensure you get the most from your course. For more information on the technical side of rebreathers and how we teach our courses, take a look at our Deefer Dive Team Blog.

CCR Try Dive Carriacou Grenada


Rebreather try dive experience for those who want to see what rebreather diving is all about. Length: 1 day. Cost: US $199.00

This Program is designed to introduce you to the basic concepts of Rebreathers. You will complete a theory session and a practical confined water session, followed by an Open Water dive (to a maximum depth of 15m / 50ft) to experience swimming with a Rebreather. Please note that this program is not a qualification course.

Prerequisites: Must be a qualified diver. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age (15 years with parent / guardian approval).

CCR Training, Carriacou Grenada


Become a fully qualified CCR diver on the KISS Spirit and discover a whole new world underwater. Length: 5 days. Cost: US $995.00

This course is a great option for underwater photographers and marine biologists. You will learn how to plan dives, prepare & check the rebreather, and develop your skills from confined to open water with an emphasis on safety & control. As part of this course you will log a minimum of 300 minutes of rebreather time in the water. This course will qualify you to dive on the KISS Spirit Rebreather down to a max. depth of 21m /70 ft with no decompression, up to 1.2 PO2.

Prerequisites: Must be a qualified diver and Enriched Air Nitrox certified. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age (17 years with parent / guardian approval).


For divers who are properly prepared, use well maintained equipment and adhere to safe diving practices, closed circuit rebreather diving is no more dangerous than recreational scuba diving. As part of your Recreational Rebreather course you will learn about the safety aspects of diving on a closed circuit rebreather. Please remember that you should always dive within the parameters of your training.

No bubbles and no noise allow you to get closer to marine life. You will also significantly extend your bottom time.

For our training courses we use the KISS Spirit in a Hollis Explorer housing. If you are looking to dive on a different closed circuit rebreather unit at a later date, a simple conversion course can be completed.

If you hold a Deep Diver certification, you will be able to take your recreational rebreather to 30m / 100 ft.


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